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"Tami has been a delight to work with. 
Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable in marketing and competent at creating brilliant 
marketing strategies, she is a sharp and patient coach who really cares for our clients. 
I highly recommend her services."
Estie Starr
“Tami is a great marketing strategist. 
She has a positive attitude and always adds great value to the work. 
Great to have her on my side.”
Omer Riaz
“I would highly recommend Tami as a consultant for anyone running any type of business. 
She spends time and effort to truly understand the specific industry and helps entrepreneurs build up their 
businesses step by step, from bottom up - with her wealth of knowledge, deep insight and keen business sense. 
Tami empowers business owners to take ownership and lead their business with a clear vision, 
organized processes and a true understanding of their target audience.”
Chaya Spira
“I have the privilege of working with Tami every day. 
Not only is she my supervisor, but she is also my coach and provides me with ongoing motivation and support 
in our work together. Tami has helped me implement real-time solutions and systems to bring our client's vision and strategy to life. 
Working with Tami is empowering and exhilarating 
because I am able to see the fruits of our labour almost instantaneously!”
Joelle Bohadana
Marketing Consultant
“Working with Tami was extremely productive for myself and Basic Outfitters. 
She’s a firecracker who knows how to get it done. 
Her communication and management skills made it so easy to work together.”
Laura Dweck
“I can attest that Tami is dedicated to her work. While working together, I was often working odd hours or weekends. 
Tami was very responsive and attentive even during those times, which was super helpful. 
She is a very clear communicator and was consistent in delivering all the details 
I needed as a designer to create the messaging each marketing effort required. 
On a personal note, Tami was always fun to work with and was great at trying out new things, 
listening to my ideas, or just working together to solve an issue. 
It would be an honor to work with Tami in the future!”
Nicholas Lane
"Working with Tami has been amazing for me and my business. Tami is sharp and focused, yet really encouraging. 
She helps discover and address core issues that affect the overall performance and financial success of a business. 
I'd highly recommend working with Tami!
Chavi Rokach
“Tami knows marketing! 
She is straightforward and real and will help you find your ideal client. 
I highly recommend her!”
David Hochberg
Therapist, Coach
“Tami is a powerful business coach and has proven herself over and over again. 
If you own a business that can use expert guidance and you want to sky-rocket your confidence, success, 
and bottom line, hire Tami. 
You won't regret it.”
Hanna Landman
Wellness Coach, Chef
“Tami knows just how to guide you in your business! I find some marketing experts and coaches will give you a lot of 
options that aren't so relevant to your particular business but Tami was right there with exactly what I needed. 
After working with her, I knew exactly what I had to do with a clear way to do it. And, it worked!!! 
Looking forward to working with her again on my next project!”
Chana Studley
MindBody Coach, Author
“It's great to have Tami as a team player. One of the most useful skill set that Tami brings is “listening.” 
She is able to hear the whole story, be detail-oriented and help with keeping 
the project laser-focused and the ability to pivot with a team approach is very valuable."
David Schatzkamer
Serial Entrepreneur
"Tami is a strategic thinker and gets to the core quickly. 
She provides clarity and direction that enables her clients to grow and scale their businesses. 
I often turn to Tami when I need to talk something out and want an objective opinion 
that I know will be backed by sound logic and understanding of the whole picture. 
On top of all that, she is quick, efficient, and a pleasure to work with."
Michelle Levin
"Working with Tami produced great results for our messaging. 
Through a series of sometimes intense and always awesome meetings, 
we created clear, original messaging to use in all our sales and marketing materials. 
I highly recommend her services."
Karl Maier
“Tami was brilliant! She is really helping me create the site I wanted. 
I am finding Tami to be very insightful and full of great ideas. 
I don't know what I would have done without her. Thank you!”
Fagie Katz
Career Coach
“Tami has helped me become laser-focused on my ideal client and my core business offerings. 
I can clearly define the impact and value I bring to my clients in my brand messaging. 
My software solutions business has grown in profits since having this clarity and direction.”
Avi Hercenberg
“I highly recommend Tami for marketing strategy. 
Tami really has her finger on the pulse of today's fast-paced digital marketing world and 
she offers real strategic ideas that can be implemented to improve your presence in the digital arena. 
Working with Tami has been game changing for me!”
Carrie S.
“Tami was awesome to work with. 
She is really smart always eager to be challenged with something that she never did before and delivers above expectation. 
I would definitely hire Tami again when the right opportunity presents itself.”
David Hazan


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