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Is there any way to promote your business without social media?

These days the speed of social media can make your head spin. With so many social media platforms, it’s almost impossible to keep up. Plus, the amount of content being pumped out there is literally never-ending.

Find this to be overwhelming?

But you still want your business to succeed and reach your ideal clients or customers.

What are some ways you can get your name or business out there, while maintaining your sanity?

Here are some clever ways to beat the system and make profits, with peace of mind.

  1. Simple solution – If you feel your business cannot survive without the social media hype, hire someone. You can find a highly qualified virtual assistant (VA) who can handle the posting. There are many automated posting softwares and you can find someone you trust to handle it all. It can be pretty affordable and make sure you see the results of your VAs input working for you.
  2.  Smart SolutionLeverage other people’s audience. There are many influencers and others out there who are already well-known with a solid following and loyal audience. Why try and re-invent the wheel? You can put your ego aside and truly assess what is the best way for your business to make more money. You do not need to be the most popular- (unless that is your goal, in which case, you will need the social media grit and can ignore this article). You want to know how you can get your product or service in front of the right eyes.


Ways to Maximize the Smart Solution to Work in Your Favor:

  • Podcasts – Be a guest on a podcast where you can add value to another’s audience
  • Email, email, email – You can email anyone who you think your service or product can provide value for
  • Referral Partners – Find others who have a content gap for their audience where you can come and fill that need
  • Steady Referrals – Get your past clients or others whom you have worked with to refer you and get word of mouth marketing
  • Affiliate Commissions – Having ambassadors for your brand who promote your product/service and get a kickback on it
  • P/R and Media Opportunities – Write an article or blog that can be shared on other media outlets and bring value to their audience
  • Trade Shows and MeetUps – Networking events both online and off are a GREAT way to meet others and share your value with them


KEY TAKEAWAY: Find the Content Gap

Know your ICA (Ideal Client Audience) really really well. Know them so so well. You will know that what you sell is great fit for what they need. When you know them, you will know where they are hanging out, both online and off. You will know others who are serving them as well. Your outreach can then be specific and targeted.

So, you see, you do not need to rely heavily on social media to run a successful business and bring in clients or customers.

There are plenty of ways to reach your ideal client, if you take the time to develop and cultivate the right strategy